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This Might Be Miley Cyrus' Grossest Instagram Photo Yet

Who wants to look at Miley's wisdom teeth?

With apologies to that photo of Miley Cyrus' wrist vein held open with surgical tools, this might just be the grossest photo she's ever posted on Instagram.

On Wednesday (Mar. 25), the "Wrecking Ball" singer got all four of her wisdom teeth taken out. This being 2015 and all, Miley Instagrammed the experience for our viewing pleasure.

For those of you who've been dying to see what Miley's wisdom teeth look like, congratulations -- this is your day.

It looks like she got all four teeth out in one sitting, which is, like, insane. As someone who's only gotten two taken out -- and that was over the course of two separate appointments, mind you -- I'm sending all kinds of posi, mouth-healing vibes Miley's way.