Maci On Ryan's Lack Of Communication: 'He Doesn't Really Think There's An Issue'

Bentley's mom opens up her co-parenting stuggles.

Even though Maci is in a very different place than she was when she last appeared on MTV -- the Tennessee native is in a happy, stable relationship with boyfriend Taylor, and her boy Bentley is gearing up for kindergarten -- co-parenting with her son's father Ryan continues to be a struggle.

On the premiere episode of "Teen Mom OG," the 23-year-old desperately tried to set up a face-to-face meeting with her former fiancé to talk about a few things relating to their child, but B's dad claimed he was too busy. And while Maci sought some helpful guidance from Jen (R's mom) about how to chat with him and move forward, B's mama expressed to her beau that she felt defeated.

"I think what's stopping Ryan from communicating with me is, he doesn't really think that there's an issue," Maci explains in the "Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment video" below. "The issue that I have -- it doesn't exist to him."

And his distant behavior, Maci says, may have something to do with being followed by cameras -- and all the public attention that comes with it.

"I think at this point, especially being on the show, once you're constantly told that you're a certain way -- especially from the outside world -- and fans [are] constantly telling him negative things, I think you sort of start to believe it yourself," Maci admits. "He's too afraid to try."

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