Hi Or Hey Records

Meet The 'Cool-Ass Band' 5SOS Just Signed To Their Record Label

Hey Violet are officially part of the Hi Or Hey Records family.

It seems like only yesterday that the guys from 5 Seconds Of Summer were goofing around and posting pictures of their butts on social media. Oh, wait -- that was this morning.

Nonetheless! 5SOS have just taken a majorly mature step forward by signing the first-ever act to their record label: Hey Violet, whom Michael describes as a "cool-ass band" in the announcement video below.

The newest addition to the Hi Or Hey Records family are a Los Angeles-native pop-punk foursome composed of Miranda Miller (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Rena Lovelis (bass, vocals), Nia Lovelis (drums, vocals), and Casey Moreta (guitar, vocals).

Check out their "This Is Why" video below to see why 5SOS had, like, no choice but to sign them.

The group had previously toured and released an album and an EP under the name Cherri Bomb -- with former bandmate Julia Pierce holding down the guitar and vocals instead of Casey -- but changed their name to Hey Violet back in February.

In a YouTube video announcing the name change, Casey hinted that this was a "new chapter" for the band, a sentiment echoed in a lengthy caption to an Instagram post from around that time: "We cannot wait to share with you all what we have been creating. It is going to be an insane year; we cannot wait to bring you along for the ride of our lives."