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There's A Rational Explanation For Lady Gaga's Syringe Selfie

Don’t worry — it's just a juice cleanse.

Have you seen that new selfie Lady Gaga posted on Instagram? The one that looks like she's about to go H.A.M. on some facial fillers?

Don't worry -- it's not what it looks like.

The singer's actually just doing a juice cleanse by Kreation Organic, who apparently distribute some of their products in a syringe-like container. There are no injections involved -- you just drink the juice straight out of the tube. Think of it like a Go-Gurt for rich people.

Gaga's weapon of choice is called the "Beautify" shot.

Its key ingredients include boron and activated silicon, which -- according to the friendly employee from Kreation Organic's Venice, Calif. location with whom I spoke over the phone -- are supposed to reinforce and improve the quality of your skin, hair, and nails. I can't exactly verify that claim because #WhatIsScience, but that's what she told me.

Note: That key ingredient is silicon, not silicone. Gaga is not chugging synthetic polymers, so please don't start doing that at home because I'll get in sooooooo much trouble you guys I'm serious.

See? There was a perfectly rational explanation for that syringe selfie after all -- if you think forgoing a month's worth of night cheese in favor of juice is rational, that is.