11 Outfits That Prove North West Is Kylie Jenner’s Style Icon

Let's be honest — she's everyone's style icon.

Move over, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- Kylie Jenner has a new fashion role model: North West.

The reality star recently said that the people that "really inspire my style-wise are obviously Kim and Kanye." But in a new interview , she not only echoed those statements -- she added that "North West inspires me the most."

And why shouldn't she? North's style game is on point. Granted, Kim and Kanye are the ones dressing her, but still -- I'm going to imagine that every morning North stands in front of her walk-in and says, "Mommy, dress me in this."

Since North is such a little fashionista, let's take a look at her 11 best style moments that probably inspired her Aunt Kylie. And yes, we are fully aware we are making a list of best fashion moments for a 21-month-old. Why not? She's fabulous.

  1. Baby Yeezy

    She may be the only little girl with a bulletproof vest, just saying.

  2. Alexander Wang

    Daddy's little girl.

  3. Monkey Around

    For the bad hair days.

  4. Piano Attire

    North is just multitasking, playing piano while breaking in her tutu.

  5. Caped Crusader

    North is all like, "Yes, I'm rocking a fur cape... Can I live?!"

  6. Three For Me

    You can't just have one (custom) Balmain jacket.

  7. Custom Sneaks

    North's got the cutest kicks.

  8. Givenchy


  9. Baby in Balenciaga

    All black everything.

  10. Cover Girl

    Only the finest Chanel for her first fashion spread.

  11. Airport Attire

    Because this is the only way to travel.