'Independence Day 2' Adds More Original Cast -- So Where's Will Smith??

Vivica A. Fox is back, so what are you waiting for, Will?

Boomer the dog did not die in a fire, but it seems our hopes of seeing Will Smith return to the world of "Independence Day" have gone up in flames.

That being said, it's not all doom and gloom as Roland Emmerich prepares to welcome an all-new alien invasion to Earth for "Independence Day 2." Not only is Jeff Goldblum officially back in action as computer wiz "You'd All Be Dead Now If It Wasn't For My" David Levinson, but Emmerich has also announced the return of Vivica A. Fox as Jasmine Dubrow:

Great news for those of us who want to see familiar faces in "Independence Day 2," but what about her on-screen husband? If Jasmine's back, but there's no sign of Captain Steven Hiller, then can we assume the fat lady has finally sung for the cigar-chomping hero? Even more troubling is that the film now includes Steven's wife (or potentially even widow) in addition to Steven's son, played by Jessie Usher, but no Captain Hiller himself. This is all so much more depressing than an inevitable global takeover at the hands of planet-crushing aliens.

Is it too late for Smith to get back on board for "Independence Day," though? I vote no. I will not let this go quietly into the night. I will not let this go without a fight. My hopes that Will will return for "Independence Day 2" are going to live on. They're going to survive. Today, we celebrate our "Independence Day" nostalgia, with one final plea for Smith to return to the franchise:

  1. Without Will, who else is going to welcome these aliens back to Earth?
  2. Who else will punch them directly in the face?
  3. Who else will chomp on cigars immediately following aforementioned alien ass-kicking?
  4. And who else will drag and kick that alien all the way through the desert to Area 51?
  5. In other words, Will Smith makes this look good.

    Wrong movie, but same idea. We need you, man.

  6. You've said no for now, Will, but you know what they say…

    It's not over until the fat lady sings, and I ain't heard no fat lady.

With or without Will Smith, "Independence Day 2" invades the world on June 24, 2016.