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Taylor Swift And The SAT Are Totally In A Fight, You Guys

Honestly never saw this coming.

There are a lot of things worth calling out about the SAT, like the fact that it privileges those who can pay for prep courses over those who can't or that it reenforces the the notion that all high school students can be fairly evaluated based on the results of a standardized test.

But now, the SAT people have gone too far -- they've crossed Taylor Swift.

Some of the "Style" singer's fans brought it to her attention via Tumblr Monday (Mar. 23) that an SAT prep book trashes pop lyrics, like Taylor's, as "a great source of bad grammar." To add insult to injury, the book totally misquotes the line from "Fifteen" that they've selected for the exercise.

"Not the right lyrics at all," Taylor said in her reblog. "You had one job, test people. One job."

I'll have the SAT prep book people know that Beyoncé has single-handedly kept the subjunctive alive thanks to I Am... Sasha Fierce track "If I Were A Boy," so they're wrong on the whole pop lyrics = bad for grammar thing.

Second of all, DON'T MISQUOTE TAYLOR SWIFT. The first rule about Taylor Swift is that you don't misquote Taylor Swift. The second rule about Taylor Swift is that you don't talk about the rules of Taylor Swift -- you're just supposed to know them. I guess that means one of us has some studying to do.