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So, Rob Kardashian Just Compared Kim To 'The B--ch From 'Gone Girl''

Was this Instagram post a joke or...?

Have you seen Rob Kardashian's latest Instagram post? The one where he compares his sister Kim Kardashian to "the b--ch from 'Gone Girl,'" a.k.a. Rosamund Pike's Amy Elliott-Dunne?

I don't wanna say shots fired, but...shots fired?

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There are only so many ways to interpret this Instagram post, which Rob shared on Sunday (Mar. 22).

I mean, Pike's "Gone Girl" character -- SPOILER ALERT! -- is literally a sociopath. She fakes her own killing, frames her husband for murder, and slits Neil Patrick Harris' throat while they're having sex, splattering blood all over his character's presumably high-thread-count sheets.

That is who Rob just compared his sister to.

The Kardashian sibs' relationship has been rumored to be strained ever since he skipped out on her wedding to Kanye West at the last minute back in May.

It was around that time that Rob also deleted every single photo on his Instagram account, which -- barring the time Kim and Khloé posted a bunch of selfies on it behind his back a couple months ago -- has remained empty until today.

I don't want to assume anything, lest I make an ass outta u and me, so I'm just gonna sit quietly with my thoughts in that corner over there.