One Direction Top Our List Of The 11 Biggest Shake-Ups In Boy Band History

All boy bands have suffered some drama.

The news of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction was definitely shocking for Directioners everywhere. But boy band shake-ups are actually nothing new.

Believe it or not, aside from the hit records and adulation from devoted fans -- being in a boy band can be stressful. Some boy-band members leave a group for personal reasons, others just need some time off, and a few find they just don't really get along anymore.

So with the news of Zayn's departure, I decided to take a look back at some other big moments in boy band history that left fans sad and confused. Here are the 11 shake-ups that had me -- and most likely you -- crying into my Backstreet T-shirt.

  1. One Direction: Was Zayn's Stress Keeping Him 'Up All Night'?
    Mark Davis/Getty Images

    After nighttime photos surfaced of Zayn holding hands with a girl that was not his fiancee, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, the One Direction heartthrob decided to leave the band's On The Road Tour, citing "stress." But less than a week later, he announced that he was permanently leaving the group to be a "normal 22-year-old."

  2. 'NSYNC: Justin Timberlake Goes 'Bye, Bye, Bye'

    It was great while it lasted, but after 'NSYNC wrapped their Celebrity Tour, the group decided to take a break ... which ended up being a permanent one. Yes, they did some appearances here and there, but according to Lance Bass' memoir, in 2004, Justin announced to the guys that he was going solo.

    For 10 whole years they had us asking the question: Will they or won't they get back together? And finally, they did, at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, which again left us again the eternal question: Is an 'NSYNC reunion in the works? I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that it's definitely be a "no."

  3. Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson Wants It Another Way
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    Growing up I was always Team BSB, so when Kevin decided to leave the group after 13 years to "pursue other interests," I was completely heartbroken.

    Who would do the spoken word part on "I'll Never Break Your Heart"? Who would take over as the "dad" of the group? There were so many questions, and so few answers. But life in the BSB universe went on and they released two albums in Kevin's absence. In 2012, Kevin returned to the group and all was right, for a time, in the world of boy bands.

  4. Jonas Brothers: Nick Jonas Goes From 'Burnin' Up' To 'Burnin' Out'
    George Pimentel/WireImage

    The JoBros may be brothers for life, but the brothers-as-bandmates concept fizzled out in 2013, after eight years together. Sure, they had a brief hiatus from 2010 to 2011 to pursue solo careers, but after a "big disagreement," the group decided to hang up their "Pom Poms" for good. While the decision to split was unanimous, Nick was the one who initiated the conversation.

  5. The Wanted: We're 'Glad You Came'

    The Wanted burst onto the scene in 2011 with their inescapable single, "Glad You Came," and continued to have success with several other hits, including "Chasing the Sun." They even scored their own E! reality show, a headline-making feud with One Direction, and a few dates with Lindsay Lohan for member Max George. Still, the group went on a "hiatus" in 2014. When we asked Nathan Sykes about a reunion, he said "never say never."

  6. New Kids On The Block: 'Please Don't Go' ... Jonathan Knight.
    John Walker/MTV

    After a decade together, a string of hit singles, tours all over the world and their faces printed on everything from lunch boxes to sleeping bags, Jonathan Knight decided to leave NKOTB after suffering from panic attacks in 1994. Instead of forging ahead, the rest of the group disbanded. Some left the spotlight to have families, others got into acting and others had semi-successful solo careers. The boy-band gods were looking out for us though when the group got back together after 14 years, in 2008, and they're still going strong.

  7. B2K: You Got Served

    They gave us seriously catchy songs in their six years as a foursome. I mean, who doesn't love them some "Bump, Bump, Bump?" Things got pretty ugly, however, when B2K announced they were splitting. "Inner turmoil" bubbled up within the group as members were already planning solo careers. There were also arguments over money and their ex-manager, Chris Stokes, was accused of sexual molestation.

  8. O-Town: It Was All ... Then Nothing At All

    O-Town formed on "Making the Band," and quickly left their mark with one of the most memorable boy band songs of all time, "Liquid Dreams." They said goodbye in 2004 and apparently sent personal e-mails to their fans letting them know, though I did not receive one (still bitter). The group reunited in 2014 -- minus Ashley Parker Angel who has been doing a lot of crunches in his timeoff -- and released their single "Skydive."

  9. LFO: It Was A 'Summer' Love

    LFO were a "TRL" staple in the late '90s with their hits "Girl on TV" and "Summer Girls," which encouraged everyone to rock "Abercrombie & Fitch." They broke up in 2002 and got back together in June 2009, only to break up once again in September of that same year. Members Brad Fischetti and Devin Lima started their own group Xiles, while Rich Cronin wanted to concentrate on his solo career. Tragically, Rich died in 2010 after a long battle with Leukemia.

  10. Boyz II Men: It's The 'End Of The Road' For Michael McCary
    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

    They were the soundtrack to my eighth-grade dances, but this foursome became a trio after Michael had to retire from the group, in 2003, due to his ongoing battle with scoliosis and personal issues. After Michael's departure, Boyz II Men took a short break but have since released five albums, with the most recent being 2014's Collide.

  11. Take That: Robbie Williams Was Not 'Back For Good'

    This U.K. group has had more ups and downs then perhaps all the boy bands put together, from drug problems to tax issues to rifts between members --they've had it all. But it all started back in 1995 after Robbie Williams left the group, leaving the band to tour as a foursome. The rest of the guys disbanded right after that tour, got back together in 2005, invited Robbie back in 2010 and lost member Jason Orange in 2014 because he didn't want to "commit to recording and promoting a new album."