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Rebel Wilson Covers 'Elle' Australia, Makes Waiting For 'Pitch Perfect 2' Even Harder

If you're looking for things to fill your time before Pitch Perfect 2 comes out on May 15—same, BTW—may we interest you in Rebel Wilson on the cover of Elle Australia? I've been staring at her beautifully mussed hair for, like, 15 minutes, which means we're that much closer to release day—the full spread could really make the time fly.

Elle Australia

I mean, look at that hair. So blonde. So beautiful. So intentionally messy. And please don't even get me started on that matte red lip.

Elle Australia

The red lip, actually, carries through the entire spread and proves its versatility, pairing just as well with this monochromatic jacket as it does with Rebel's pink jacket on the cover. One thing you prob won't see it with? High heels. Rebel reveals, "I can’t wear high heels. I suck at wearing high heels." You have a soul sister in Shailene Woodley, Rebel—maybe you two should hang out? (And I'll come too.)

Elle Australia

As for where she learned how to pose, you can thank Tyra Banks for that. She says, "I used to watch some of the reality shows about models and then, weirdly, now I try to incorporate into my fashion shoots the skills I learnt from watching those shows. It’s like thanks Tyra, cause you’ve given me like all the cool tips. Like how to smile with your eyes." I mean, look at that smize. Hello.

The full issue will be out on March 23, but until then you can head over to Elle Australia's website for more interview excerpts.