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St. Vincent Reportedly Destroyed Paintings With 'Knives And Violence' While Performing In Chile

The artist demanded $4,500 from Annie Clark.

With reporting by Heidi Huerta

St. Vincent had a little trouble leaving Chile after performing at their Lollapalooza festival on Saturday. The rocker allegedly destroyed a few paintings by Chilean artist Constanza Ragal Chaigneau in her dressing room and was reportedly being ordered to stay in the country.

La Tercera reports that the angry artist demanded $4,500 from St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark, for the damaged work. And while some sources are saying that she wasn't allowed to leave the country, others report that she stayed in Chile on her own will in order to reach an agreement with the artist.

On Instagram, when Ragal was asked if her paintings were destroyed, she wrote, yes, with "knives and violence." Ragal was commissioned to install her art at the festival.

@contyragal/ Instagram

Clark left Chile on Wednesday to continue onto Paraguay for her tour. She plays tonight in Asuncion.

There's no word on why the paintings were destroyed. MTV News has reached out to St. Vincent for comment but hasn't gotten a response by press time. Meanwhile, she wrote a farewell to Chile on Twitter:

Some fans reached out on Twitter, offering support: