This 'Fresh Prince' Prank Call Will Make You Actually Watch C-SPAN

Live call-in show punk'd during serious debate.

During a recent C-SPAN broadcast regarding the Iranian nuclear talks, one concerned citizen decided to lighten up the proceedings during the live call-in portion by pranking the host with the canonical "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme.

The anchor introduces the caller, Jack "from Los Angeles," who quickly clarifies the very important point that he's calling from Bel-Air. Then he specifies that he's "originally from Philadelphia, specifically West Philadelphia," and the gambit has begun:

Jack proceeds as though he's about to relate the Iran issue to the time "a couple of guys who were up to no good essentially started making trouble in my neighborhood."

All in all, he gets pretty far into the stunt before the call is yanked. Then the host carries on as though it never happened, which would've seemed like a totally baller move if the prank had been based on a "Men In Black" gag.

Apparently, there's a tradition of pranking C-SPAN's live call-in shows, and YouTube prankster Jack Strickland -- who was behind this one -- isn't new to the game.