17 Movie Moments That'll Make You Want To Work Out

You'll be headed for the gym when the credits roll.

Right about now, that new year's resolution you made to spend more time in the gym has probably been all but forgotten.

Admit it: You just read that sentence, glanced at the corner where your kettlebells have been slowly gathering cobwebs, and were like, Ooooooops.

But that's okay, lazy pants, because this is the perfect moment to renew your commitment to fitness -- without leaving your couch! Just put on one of these fine films, wait for one of these incredible moments, and let the fitspiration to hit you harder than Hilary Swank in "Million Dollar Baby." (She's #10, of course.)

  1. Christian Bale working on his "Batman Begins" bod.
  2. Captain America beating the crud out of yet another unfortunate bag.
  3. Amanda Schull doing fouettes, forever, in "Center Stage."
  4. The mere sight of Chris Pratt, topless, in "Guardians of the Galaxy."
  5. Jennifer Lawrence showing off her archery skills, and also her guns, in "Catching Fire."
  6. Demi Moore's one-armed push-ups in "G.I. Jane."
  7. Sully training harder to scare scarier in "Monsters, Inc."
  8. Bruce Willis, who just can't max out in "Unbreakable."
  9. Uma Thurman mastering the art of kung fu in "Kill Bill."
  10. Hilary Swank becoming a champ in "Million Dollar Baby."
  11. Rocky, reaching the top of those goddamn steps, forever.
  12. Ellen Page showing her game face in "Whip It."
  13. The "training in an underwater bikini chain" scene from "Blue Crush."
  14. Keira Knightley (and her abs) running drills in "Bend it Like Beckham."
  15. Jaden Smith's entire "Karate Kid" training montage.
  16. Emily Blunt doing... whatever this is, in "Edge of Tomorrow."
  17. And of course, "300" in its entirety. You don't even need the sound on.