Victoria Justice Fondly Recalls Sitting Down To A Dinner Of Maggots

The 'Eye Candy' star says filming this scene will be stuck in her mind forever.

Thought spotting a fly in your soup was bad news? Try watching a handful of maggots inch across your three-course entree.

On last night's "Eye Candy" season finale, cyber hacker Lindy Sampson was taken hostage by the show's sociopathic Flirtual Killer on New York City's Hart Island. Captivity proved to be the least of Lindy's worries, though, and, while the killer went on a crazed tirade during which he spelled out the origins of his murderous ways, Lindy was treated to a dinner of maggots...and lots of 'em.

Having dealt with the horror of crimes scenes before, Lindy was able to take the sickening meal in stride, but Victoria Justice, whose stomach isn't quite as strong, had a tough time putting on a brave face for the cameras. And in the video below, she tells MTV News the moment may as well have been a scene from "Saw."

"Before we filmed the scene, I was like, 'Hey, props guys, so, how are we gonna do this? Is this gonna be a CGI thing?'" she recalls. "And they were like, 'Oh, no, we have a fresh little jar of maggots right here, and we're just gonna pour them all over your food now." Zagat rating's certainly gonna take a hit...

"Maggots, specifically, gross me out so much that it was really hard to film the scene, and I would see them squirming in the food and squirming towards the edge of the table," she continues. Uhh, we'll stick to Seamless, thankyouverymuch.

Think your stomach would have turned the same way at the sight of a maggot feast? Share your thoughts on the show's finale, watch the scene in question and listen to the interview for more of the gross-out scenes that Justice says are burned into her brain.