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Here's Why You Should Be Excited 'Community' Is Back

Risen from the ashes, 'Community' is more delightfully absurd than ever.

There's a moment in the season six premiere of "Community" when Greendale newcomer Frankie (Paget Brewster) tells Abed (Danny Pudi), "Good shows change." But "Community," for the most part, has remained the same. Sure, it may be free from the limitations of network television and the episodes may be a tad bit longer (by roughly four minutes), but "Community" still revels in its own absurdity and meta humor. And that, Human Beings, is a very good thing.

MTV News got the chance to screen the first two episodes of the sixth season -- which will premiere on Yahoo Screen on March 17 -- and we're happy to reveal that "Community" has learned from its mistakes. In fact, the entire first episode is quite literally dedicated to rebuilding Greendale after a massive downpour of forgotten frisbees destroys the cafeteria. (As if you need anymore convincing, amirite?) Trust us, it's not the darkest timeline.

But if you aren't already sold on tuning in -- er, streaming out? -- here are four reasons you should be super excited for "Community"'s homecoming:

  1. Paget Brewster is a great addition to the Study Group.
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    At the start of season six "Community" lost yet another OG Study Group member: Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley. Also gone this season is "Breaking Bad"'s Jonathan Banks, who was brought on last season to replace Chevy Chase but never really fit in with Jeff and co. So the Powers That Be called upon Paget Brewster to join the crew -- and TBH, it works really well.

    Brewster plays Frankie, a stern new school administrator, who initially befriends Abed after Jeff, Annie and Britta take offense to Frankie's "changes" around Greendale. The beautiful thing about Frankie is that she, like the Greendale 7 (RIP), is an outcast. Her quirks stem from her status as an outsider. So naturally her friendship with Abed -- AKA the emotional center of the show -- is the perfect way to assimilate her into the group.

  2. It's not afraid to address its issues.
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    In the premiere episode ("Ladders"), Frankie approaches Abed and asks if he has concerns about anything. Abed, being Abed, gets super meta. "I'm worried you're not distinct enough from Annie, both in terms of physicality and purpose," he says. "I can't determine if you have any specific flaw, quirk, or point of view that makes you a creative addition to the group." It's the kind of self-aware humor we've come to respect from "Community" boss Dan Harmon. The show knows it has problems, and realizing that is a step in the right direction.

  3. Britta is still the worst but now you'll love her for it.
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    I love Britta. She's always been my favorite character. But if we're being honest, the Powers That Be really Britta'd her character in seasons three, four, and partially five. When other characters started graduating from their caricatures, she remained hopelessly the same -- irrationally passionate and a total buzzkill. But in the second episode of season six, we begin to understand why Britta is the way she is, and it has everything to do with rebelling against her parents, who we finally meet. Hopefully, this means Britta will be able to move past some of her more childish behavior and become the kickass female character, all strong-willed and passionate, that we remember from season one.

  4. It's as absurd as ever.
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    "Community" is known for its genre episodes, but it also succeeds when it combines the fantastical with reality. In the second episode -- directed by Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) and Nat Faxon -- the Dean purchases a virtual reality system from game designer Elroy (recurring guest star Keith David). The odd Oculus knock-off turns mundane tasks, like deleting a file, into an adventure -- or rather, an extravaganza. We haven't seen the final graphics, but be prepared to LOL at the Dean's shenanigans. The entire plot is just so loopy and wonderful, and it brilliantly introduces Greendale's newest student.

    Also, you definitely don't want to miss a fun, quick cameo in the premiere episode. It's so good Yahoo asked us not to reveal who it is, but look for this special guest to pop up at Greendale's new speakeasy.