Pick Your Favorite Socially Savvy Musician At This Year's Woodies

The Social Climber category is a go!

The 2015 Woodie Awards are mere DAYS away, guys, and the excitement -- it just keeps mounting. First, we unveiled the full lineup for the show -- which goes down on MTV at Friday at 9 p.m. ET, btw. Now, we have a whole new category to unleash: the Social Climber Woodie.

So... what exactly is a Social Climber Woodie and how does one get nominated for that illustrious honor? Well, it's basically a category that honors musicians who use social media (get it?) to climb the ranks in the music world (it's all coming together now). Appropriately, all of you can vote for said musicians using designated hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

We've supplied those hashtags -- as well as displayed some of each nominee's best content -- below.

Check it out, and get ready for the big night -- featuring appearances and performances by Big Sean, Years & Years, Fall Out Boy and more!

For Rajiv Dhall, Use #voteRajivDhallMTV

For Jack And Jack, Hit #voteJackandJackMTV

For Lia Marie Johnson, Use #voteLiaMarieJohnsonMTV

For DeStorm Power, Share With #voteDeStormPowerMTV

For Kenzie Nimmo, Hit #voteKenzieNimmoMTV