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9 Truths 'Spring Breakers' Gets Right About Spring Break

This batsh-t insane movie isn't TOTALLY inaccurate.

"Spring Breakers" came out in March 2013 and effectively made moviegoers everywhere utter an audible "what the actual f--k?" as they exited the theater. The movie follows four girls -- Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Cotty (Rachel Korine) and Faith (Selena Gomez) -- on their wild spring break trip to St. Petersburg, Florida, where they meet a sorta rapper/drug dealer/all around bad guy named Alien (James Franco).

Their trip quickly spirals downward into a hole of drugs, crime, promiscuous sex and bloody murder. Hopefully you fare much better on your spring break at the tropical location of your choosing. But "Spring Breakers," in all its f--ked up debauchery, isn't a completely inaccurate depiction of college kids on vacay. Here's what the movie actually gets right about spring break:

  1. You spend most of your time in a swimsuit.

    In the movie: Bikinis. Bikinis as far as the eye can see.

    IRL: Some bikinis, some trendy high-waisted swimsuits, the occasional full piece, tons of dudes in swim trunks and (ugh) at least one old dude in a too-tiny Speedo stretched out by the pool.

  2. You meet new people.

    In the movie: The four girls meet Alien after he bails them out of jail mid-vacay.

    IRL: A friend of a friend finally introduces you to the dude you cross paths with every day but have never actually met.

  3. Someone inevitably cries.

    In the movie: Faith breaks down in tears after hanging out with Alien and his crew gets too insane.

    IRL: Someone has one too many tequila shots and starts sobbing about how much they miss their ex.

  4. Someone drunkenly bursts into song.

    In the movie: Britney Spears is queen.

    IRL: Britney is still queen, obvi.

  5. Sleep is for the weak.

    In the movie: The girls party on the bus to Florida. They party on the beach when they get to Florida. They party until they end up in jail, then continue partying post-incarceration.

    IRL: It's pretty much the same thing minus the whole jail part, hopefully. When you inevitably need some shut-eye, prime napping hour is circa 5 p.m. That's when the beach clears out, but it's still too early to hit the bar.

  6. You have surprisingly deep conversations.

    In the movie: A jail cell really makes Faith wanna reflect upon her life.

    IRL: After a couple drinks and a serious lack of sleep, your friends and spring break travel buddies have no more filters.

  7. Someone gets homesick.

    In the movie: Faith heads home early after Alien's shenanigans get out of hand.

    IRL: Someone spends so much time texting/snapping/Skyping their significant other back home that they might as well not be on spring break at all.

  8. You do something you regret later on.

    In the movie: First off, the girls rob a restaurant to get the cash to go on break. Then they get arrested for partying too hard. Then they get wrapped up in Alien's craziness and end up murdering multiple people. I feel like someone's gonna have regrets about SOMETHING in that whole mess.

    IRL: You play a few too many drinking games on your last night and spend the flight home painfully hungover. Or you get a little too generous at the bar and wake up with a giant hole in your bank account.

  9. You feel like spring break could last forever.

    In the movie: "Spring break forever, bitches!" is the motto all day, every day.

    IRL: Spring break is a fleeting week of recklessness and warm weather that leaves you counting down the days till sweet, sweet summer. Oh, and you have a midterm the day you get back. You didn't study for it because #springbreak, duh. Welcome back to the real world! <3