13 Times Our Jaws Dropped During The Season Finale of 'Eye Candy'

And to think, we used to like Jake.

Anyone else need a mild sedative after tonight's "Eye Candy"?

On the show's season finale, Jake (aka the newly revealed Flirtual Killer) led Lindy on a wild goose chase to find information about her missing sister and, along the way, there were so many nerve-wracking moments that we almost lost count of them. Key word: almost. Here are 13 scenes that totally made our jaws drop!

  1. The reason behind Jake's quest for the perfect girl is revealed.

    In the episode's first 60 seconds, we learned why Jake is a few fries short of a Happy Meal: His father had committed suicide, but just before he did, he gave his son some advice about love. "You're not going to make the same mistake I did," said the heartbroken man, whose marriage to Jake's drug-addicted mother was filled with disappointment. "One day, you're going to find [a girl] and she'll be beautiful -- and she'll be PERFECT." Well then, that explains it all…

  2. Tommy finds Sophia's phone...in Tessa's skull.

    And, as Connor watched, he pulled it out...with his HANDS.  "I think I'm gonna be sick," the blogger said. Umm yeah, us too.

  3. Jake admits he's the Flirtual Killer.

    When a suspicious Lindy questioned him about Tessa, Jake went on a rant that defined the term "batsh** crazy." At the very least, his ramblings made Lindy finally realize he was the murderer. "You're him -- the killer," she said. His only response, uttered with a wicked smile: "Hello, Eye Candy." *SHIVER*

  4. Garden tools become weapons.

    Okay, so Lindy discovered Jake's the bad guy. Did she try to distract him and escape? Use her feminine wiles to trick him into letting her go? Nope -- once again proving she has balls of steel, she took a shovel and tried to take out his kneecaps. That's our girl!

  6. Jake's not exactly new to this slaying thing.

    When Connor used his reporter's skills -- and the CCU's computer system -- to investigate Jake, he found that the lawyer did his undergrad studies in Australia. Nothing odd about that, right? Then he discovered that, while Jake was in school, there were four unsolved murders in the area. Ring the alarm!


    As Lindy was being held in a house on Hart Island, Jake was listening to a slow, eerie version of "Good Night Children Everywhere" -- the same song that was playing when his father shot himself. Because really, who doesn't like to revisit a childhood favorite every now and then?

  10. Jake kisses himself in the mirror.

    No explanation needed.

  11. George proves he's a gangsta.

    When Officer Yeager found Lindy's pal working on the coveted CCU computer, he tried to take over -- but G-man wasn't having it. "You have no power here -- you take orders from me," George said. He further defined their roles by calling the detective "Destiny's Child" while crowning himself Beyonce -- and giving one last directive: "Get to work, single lady."

  13. Jake basically started murdering people some time around grade school.

    Thanks to a computer file Jake made to tell his whole, twisted story, Lindy learned the truth about his mother's death: She was killed by her own son. Seems that Little Jake was so distressed by the pain she was causing his father, he grabbed a hypodermic needle, plunged it into her arm and 86'd her with an air bubble.

  15. Lindy loves Jake.

    Tommy managed to chase down Jake just as he was escaping the island with Lindy, but he got quite a surprise when she begged him to retreat so she could start a new life with the Aussie. "I love him, Tommy," she said. "Please go." All together now: WHAT???

  17. Lindy doesn't really love Jake.

    As the maniac and our heroine walked through a bus station, Lindy proved she just wasn't that into him after all: Following her directions, George sent a photo of Jake to the cell phone of each and every person in the building. The caption: "The Flirtual Killer is in front of you." Kind of hard to escape now, huh, buddy?

  19. Our girl goes AWOL.

    Police converged upon Jake, but it was Tommy who tackled him and brought an end to his reign of terror. So did Tindy embrace once the bad guy was caught? Finally declare their obvious love for one another and live happily ever after? Nope -- Lindy merely looked over her shoulder, gave Tommy one last wistful glance and...left. *Insert sad face here*

  21. Sara is ALIVE!

    Still committed to finding her sister, Lindy finally opened Jake's tablet containing all the information he'd collected about her. Among the findings: video from the night Sara went missing, showing her -- alive and well -- being picked up by her boyfriend AFTER the supposed abduction. "Now Lindy will be safe," she told her beau. And with that, we were given an entirely new mystery that needs solving ASAP.

Which part of "Eye Candy"'s season finale shocked you the most? And what do you think Sara was protecting Lindy from? Tell us in the comments!