Miles Teller Looks Pretty Fantastic In These New Pics From 'Fantastic Four'

Mr. Richards, we'll see you now.

If we've learned anything about humanity over the past few months, it's that it wants its Miles Teller, and it wants him now. And while humanity will get more Miles Teller next Friday (March 20) via "Insurgent," it still has to wait until August 7 to see him in a leading role -- that is, unless they feel like taking a look at these first look images of Teller in "Fantastic Four," via TotalFilm magazine.

The images show Teller in action (and costume) as Reed Richards -- and just like the trailer, the images highly suggest a darker, grittier telling of the "Fantastic" story than the one we saw in 2005, when Ioan Gruffudd took on the role of Mister Fantastic:

TotalFilm/20th Century Fox
TotalFilm/20th Century Fox

For more pictures of "Fantastic Four," check out GamesRadar.com, and be sure to check out the movie on August 7.