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Lupe Fiasco Explores Relationship Between Drug Addicted Mother And Son In New Video: Watch

Heavy visuals hold nothing back.

Lupe Fiasco tackles the ugly side of drug abuse in the new video for "Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood).”

In the cinematic clip, an earnest teenager comes home to a Travel Inn from school, only to traverse across town (past other kids playing and enjoying themselves) to mop floors at a donut shop.

While the youth is in a convenience store purchasing necessities, his mother races frantically across the parking lot, with a security guard in hot pursuit, as what appears to be stolen goods spill from her jacket.

With the money she scores from fencing her pilfered items, she then goes to buy and use heroin. The son later finds her passed out among a group of junkies and carries her home.

"Madonna (And Other Mothers in the Hood)” is the second single on Lupe’s latest LP, Tetsuo & Youth.