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Watch Austin Mahone Reveal What Pair Of Sneakers He Dropped $7K On

Austin Mahone might be the humblest rising pop singer in the game. Just take his love of sneakers. Austin owns enough pairs to open up multiple stores—600 to be exact, up from 103 pairs a few years ago—but still he doesn't exactly consider himself to be a sneaker head.

Austin went sneaker shopping with Complex at the West Coast sneaker temple, Flight Club, in Los Angeles. While talking about his casual collection, Austin said. "I wouldn't say I'm a huge sneaker head... because I don't know all of the shoes, but I'm into collecting them."

Austin started collecting sneakers early on. He picked up his first pair, the Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Chicago," when he was in fifth grade. "I picked up the hobby a little later. Every year or two, I'd get a new pair and once I got those, I started to get more of the Jordans. That's kind of where it started."

Austin's favorite pair, however, are just as hard to find. Austin has a weak spot for Nike's Back to the Future kicks. So much so that he paid $7,000 for a pair of Air Mags. But that makes the sneakers he walks away with in the interview—priced at $790.25 for a pair of Air Jordan 12 Retro and Air Jordan 3 Retros—look like a relative bargain. If Austin ever gets bored with music, he could always open up a museum for his sneakers.