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Here's St. Vincent's New Song From 'Girls' In Case You Missed It

Listen to 'Teenage Talk' below.

Your teenage years generally suck, but your memory of that time tends to suck less after some time has passed. (Wait, this sounds a lot like something Susan Sontag wrote in "Notes on 'Camp.'" Go read that!) St. Vincent explores this dynamic between fact and memory in her new song, "Teenage Talk."

The musician, real name Annie Clark, opens with a "Remember the time..." memory from her youth, but manages not to give herself over to the alluring power of nostalgia: "That's just teenage talk/ I don't think the past is better, better/ Just 'cause it's cased in glass/ Protecting us from our now and later."

"Teenage Talk" premiered during the end credits of HBO's "Girls" Sunday night (Mar. 8). It was a pretty thematically appropriate fit for the episode, which saw Hannah bonding a little too closely with one of her high school students until she freaked herself out with her own faux teenage rebellion. Remember that if a substitute teacher ever pressures you to pierce your frenulum...