Mumford & Sons Drop The Ultimate Driving Song, 'Believe'

Moonlight drive, anyone?

Holy electric guitars and drums -- Mumford & Sons are out with the first single off of their upcoming album, Wilder Mind, and while still distinctly Mumford, it bears a much cleaner, fresher sound. Not a banjo string in sight.

You can check out the new tune-age via the above video, which features is shot in the first person like the viewer's speeding down the highway -- perhaps because you're supposed to listen to this slow-burner while driving? We're not sure, but that sounds like a good idea to us.

As I said, the jam features searing guitars and insistent drums -- a new sound for the band, whose last record, Babel, dropped in 2012.

“Towards the end of the Babel tour, we’d always play new songs during soundchecks, and none of them featured the banjo, or a kick-drum,” Marcus Mumford said in a release. “And demoing with Aaron [Dessner of The National] meant that, when we took a break, we knew it wasn’t going to involve acoustic instruments. We didn’t say: ‘No acoustic instruments.’ But I think all of us had this desire to shake it up. The songwriting hasn’t changed drastically; it was led more by a desire to not do the same thing again. Plus, we fell back in love with drums. It’s as simple as that.”

Well, we're kind of falling in love with this song -- and we're more than stoked for Wilder Mind to drop come May 4.