'The Hills': Spencer Pratt Begins To Unravel

Plus, Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera make a commitment.

Last week it was sister Stephanie Pratt. This week it was sister-in-law Holly Montag who endured Spencer Pratt's unexplained, yet ever-growing rage on "The Hills." And it wasn't just family members noticing Spencer's increasingly odd behavior.

Will-they-or-won't-they couple Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari met seaside for a little beach-blanket snuggle time and to talk about plans for the week, including the birthday party the Pratts were planning for little neighbor Enzo.

"I don't know if I can be around Spencer anymore," Kristin said. "You saw him at my barbecue." (And yes, this was the same barbecue where Spencer verbally berated Stephanie for merely saying hello).

Back at the Pratt homestead, unbeknownst to Spencer, Heidi was meeting with a party planner to organize Enzo's fete (including animals and wizards!). Spencer came home just in time to meet party planner Lisa and ask what happened to the tiny affair they had intended on having.

"I think you need to take a breath," Heidi said, trying to calm her husband down. "It's like a party for both of you."

Meanwhile, Kristin, Brody, Frankie, Sleazy T, Audrina Patridge and her boy Ryan Cabrera met up at Lucky Strike to bowl a few frames. As was the case at Kristin's party, tensions ran a bit high with Brody, who's still crushing on Audrina, and Ryan in the same room. When Kristin and Audrina met later for some shoe shopping, Audrina wondered aloud if she should solidify her relationship with Ryan by having "the talk." After some encouragement from Kristin, Audrina met up with Ryan for a romantic dinner.

"If we're going to be together, I want our relationship to be the best ever," Ryan said, prompting Audrina to ask if they were indeed exclusive.

"Did you actually think we weren't?" Ryan asked. "The second we started hanging out, I'm not even thinking about another girl." And so the two decided to officially become an item.

For all the complaining Spencer did about Enzo's party, he seemed oddly Zen the day of the event, even kissing and petting a goat at the party. However, his docile behavior didn't last long, as talk turned toward Heidi's visit with her parents in Colorado and how unsupportive they'd been of her plastic-surgery makeover. Spencer had choice words to say about Heidi's mom, which sister Holly had a hard time hearing, prompting an argument with Spencer.

A few days later, Holly met with Heidi to talk about Spencer's inappropriate behavior but didn't get far before Spencer sauntered into the room bemoaning the tense vibe. "I felt really disrespected," Holly told Spencer. "I thought by this time you would have enough respect for me to refrain from speaking about my mom like that in front of me."

This, unsurprisingly, incited Spencer even more. "I was proud of myself for not doing what I wanted to do," he said menacingly. "I was praying, praying like I do every day, not to say the things I want to say to you and your mom. I'm very emotional these days."

Their conversation soon devolved into a shouting match with words like "preaching," "Ten Commandments" and "liar" being thrown around like so much party confetti. Finally, Spencer really said what he was thinking. "You're the biggest poseur in this town," he yelled. "You're going to burn for it."

After Spencer stormed out of the house, Heidi tried to smooth things over, apologizing and saying that Holly could talk to her whenever she needed.

"I don't even have your number," Holly said, sobbing. "He's always with you. He scares me."

As Holly left the house, she was dealt a final blow from Spencer. "We're clear you're not welcome here. Next time I'll call the police," he warned.