EXCLUSIVE: FKA twigs Gets Tied Up And Breaks Free In Her Erotic New 'Pendulum' Video

Love can be paralyzing.

One of 2014's biggest breakout artists, FKA twigs was initially known as a dancer, performing in videos for the likes of Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue and Jessie J. She fought back against that image in the searing jam "Video Girl." Now, with the video for "Pendulum" -- premiering today on -- she tosses it out altogether. And guess what? That lack of movement is as strong as any dance routine.

"Pendulum," a delicate little track about being "so lonely trying to be yours," comes off of twigs' debut LP, appropriately titled LP 1 -- a record whose premise is encapsulated in a line from album-opener "Preface": “I love another, and thus I hate myself." Translation: Wanting something -- or someone -- often makes you loathe yourself as a result.

The video for the track also plays on the idea of the constraints of love -- literally. While twigs often undulates and dances in videos -- see "Video Girl" -- in "Pendulum," she's all bound up, acting as the song's namesake. Wrapped in ropes that resemble her braided hair, twigs hangs suspended in space, softly singing in almost a choked voice, "How does it feel to have me thinking about you?/ Wishing my words were enough to consume you."

While twigs is usually unchained when it comes to motion, in this video she executes an almost stop-motion kind of dance as her ropes change shape -- allowing her to dangle, one toe out, like a ballerina above a pool of black liquid.

After merging with the liquid, however, the ropes melt away, and twigs is finally able to dance, her hair loose, unbraided and free.

"Pendulum" highlights yet another facet of twigs' (a.k.a. Tahliah Debrett Barnett) skill set as well: directing. The singer/dancer/badass previously directed a short dance video titled “#ThroughGlass” as an alternative video for "Video Girl." Twigs donned Google Glass for the vid, and then performed dance moves she looked up while wearing the specs.

Check out twig's latest directorial effort above.

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