Demi Lovato Shows Off Her Spanish In Fierce New Song With Luis Fonsi

They deliver the 'Despacito' follow-up you've been waiting for

If you, like viral sensation Niana Guerrero, are over-saturated with "Despacito," Luis Fonsi can help. His new collaboration with Demi Lovato, "Échame La Culpa," is equally infectious. The music video, released Friday (November 17), will get you on your feet just as "Despacito" once did.

In "Échame La Culpa," which translates to "throw me the blame," Lovato and Fonsi throw an unforgettable warehouse dance party. In between breaking it down on the dance floor, Demi takes you inside her fancy bedroom. (No, there's no dude on a dog leash this time.)

If your Spanish is a bit rusty, the song's general gist is about ending a fight before it ruins a friendship or relationship. "Play me like The Beatles, baby, just let it be," Lovato croons in the bridge. "So come on, put the blame on me."

Given the success of "Despacito" — which dominated the Billboard Hot 100 last summer — and more recent hits like Fifth Harmony's "Por Favor," Spanish-language music is clearly making a splash on mainstream radio. MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson breaks it down in the video below.

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