'Rebel Music' Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch On Facebook Today

'Native America' is powerful stuff.

Perhaps the greatest power of documentary filmmaking is its ability to put the story of another person or an entire culture in front of people who would otherwise never know it. That's exactly what "Rebel Music" does.

The new doc from MTV, subtitled "Native America," takes a hard look at the struggles for Native Americans today through the lives of four artists: Frank Waln, Nataani Means, Mike "Witko" Cliff and Inez Jasper.

Each has their own stories to tell and a unique perspective on what it means to be a young artist and Native American.

The common thread that runs through each segment of "Rebel Music" is that these are stories that need to be heard by American youths across the country. The people living on the reservations are more than familiar with the number of unsolved disappearances of Native women -- which is just one example of the stories we hear in the doc. It's everyone else that needs to hear these stories.

In 19 minutes, "Rebel Music" helps shine a light on stories that are so close to our home and the story of our country, and it's absolutely worth your time.

Check out "Rebel Music: Native America" in the Facebook post embedded above!

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