Did HBO Just Reveal Jon Snow's Fate With A Toy?

"Toy? I think the word you're searching for is 'Space Ranger.'"

Ever since Jon Snow (Kit Harington) sadly passed on in the June finale of "Game of Thrones," fans have been champing at the bit for any hint that their favorite frowny character might come back to life. And to be fair, they've had plenty, as Harington has already been spotted near the show's Belfast set. Basically, it is known.

The latest clue to Snow's resurrection, however, is far less overt than anything we've seen thus far. As Winter Is Coming pointed out, HBO sent out an email this week advertising a toy sale on their deceased characters, called "Honor The Fallen: The In Memorium Collection." Included in this collection are Joffrey Baratheon (sniff), The Hound (sniff sniff), Oberyn Martell (SOB), and even a gaggle of White Walkers, but nope -- not Jon Snow.

So of course, fans latched on to this straight away:

He hath risen!

Now of course, there's always the very likely option that Jon Snow toys sell like crazy, and therefore did not need to be put on sale. MTV News reached out to HBO for comment on the matter, so stay tuned for more on this important breaking toy issue.


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