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Cam'ron Says Purple Haze 2 Will Be Released This Year

Killa promises a 2015 release date for what could be his last album.

Cam’ron’s got a busy 2015 ahead of himself, and it’ll likely culminate with his new album Purple Haze 2.

"I'm getting ready to go on tour in March and April for the Diplomat tour. Then in May, Cam'ron by himself is going overseas," Killa told Revolt, speaking in third person. "Then I start shooting 'Percentage 2' and '3' in June and July. Then at the end of July the Diplomat album coming out, then I'll start working on Purple Haze 2 for this December."

Cam'ron went on to say that his 2004 album Purple Haze is his favorite Killa project to date. According to Cam, his time living in Chicago and Ohio during the creation of the album really gave him different perspectives.

"I always traveled," he said. "But I never sat down in one other state for more than two, three weeks. I was living in Chicago for three years. I was living in Ohio for five years. Just meeting different people from parts of the United States while I was doing that album was pretty dope."

And this might just be the final Cam'ron album. At least that's what Killa said last year when he first announced the project.

“It’s a wrap," Cam said during an interview with Miss Info in December. "Time to move on."