7 Reasons We're Shocked [Spoiler] Is The 'Eye Candy' Killer

That sound you heard was our jaw hitting the floor.

Well, we didn't see THAT one coming.

After a season of "Eye Candy" that kept us on the edge of our seat every single Monday night, the Flirtual Killer's identity was finally revealed. And -- holy jeez -- it's JAKE.

Turns out, Lindy's love interest was behind the murder spree all along, as proven when Tommy got some final pieces to the puzzle and Catherine -- who'd been attacked by the madman -- positively ID'd him.

And to be honest, we're just plain shocked. Here are the top seven reasons we never, EVER thought Jake was the Flirtual Killer:

  1. He'd been completely cleared by the Cyber Crimes Unit.

    Early on, Jake was a top suspect -- so much so that the CCU cuffed him at Lindy's bday party. But that worked in his favor: When Lindy saw Reiss being slaughtered, Jake was in custody, and that alibi cleared him of suspicion. After all, how could he be the Flirtual Killer when the Flirtual Killer was still out killing people? Turns out, pretty easily. As Tommy discovered tonight, Jake had hired a random pyscho to knife Reiss, leaving him free to attend Lindy's bash -- and pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

  2. He went to THE POLICE when his phone was bugged.

    After discovering that his smartphone had been loaded with malware, he filled out a report with the CCU. Now tell us: If you were out constantly killing people and cops were hunting for you, would you EVER step foot into a police station if you didn't have to? The lesson to be learned: Serial killers have balls.

  3. He easily explained any odd behavior.

    Lindy was rattled to the core when then-suspect Jake showed up at her apartment unannounced to cook dinner for her. And she had good reason: First, she'd never told him where she lives. Second, he wielded that knife like a pro. But before long, Jake had smoothed things over by whipping up a delicious meal -- then he mentioned he'd searched for Lindy's address on the internet and arrived unexpectedly as a romantic gesture. He always had good excuses -- and damn it, we fell for them.

  4. He's a lawyer.

    Aren't attorneys supposed to be the ones PROSECUTING serial killers, not BEING serial killers? Sure, maniacs come from all walks of life, but we'll admit it: Jake's solid career -- he went to law school in Chicago and then took a job at a top law firm in NYC -- threw us off.

  5. He almost got killed!

    During Bubonic's maniacal party game, Jake got chained to a ticking timebomb and was almost blown to bits. And how often does a killer become a victim? Um, hardly ever!

  6. He was adorably romantic.

    After having to cancel a dinner date at the last minute, Jake sent Lindy an extra-special gift to apologize: Left outside her door, wrapped in a gold bow, was a book called "The Most Incredible Restaurants Around The World." In it, he'd affectionately written, "Next time! I'm sorry I missed dinner." Now seriously, what bad guy does THAT?

  7. He seemed like SUCH a good Samaritan.

    When his former intern was mysteriously beaten, Jake immediately took the lad under his wing and asked Lindy to find the perpetrator. And now, on tonight's episode, he dedicated himself to his paramour's ultimate quest: finding out if her sister Sara is alive. In fact, by episode's end, he'd rented a boat so they could travel to Harts Island, the place Lindy feared her sister could be buried. That means, as of now, our heroine is on her way to a secluded island -- with the Flirtual Killer himself. Holy jeez again!

Were you shocked that Jake is the killer? And do you think Lindy will be able to escape his clutches on Hart Island? Join the conversation in the comments section, and buckle your seatbelts for the season finale of "Eye Candy" Monday at 10/9c!