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Ariana Grande's 'Break Free' Becomes A Transgender, Feminist Anthem

Tyler Ford gives Ari's jam an awesome new spin.

Update: Tyler and I chatted after this post went up and the personal pronouns have been changed to reflect Tyler's preference. The definition of Cis has also been altered.

When it comes to "breaking free" -- in the parlance of Ariana Grande -- the sentiment could be applied to myriad things. For Tyler Ford, however, "Break Free" is apparently about cutting loose from society's rigid views on gender -- at least according to a spin on the lyrics they posted to Twitter this week.

Ford, who has the distinction of being "The Glee Project"s first-ever transgender contestant, posted the above Wednesday, to which Ariana responded with an enthusiastic digital thumbs-up. Ford also posted the below Ariana-inspired tweet, which appears to be about consent.

For those who are a little unsure what the term "cisheteropatriarchy" means -- it's super long, I know -- let's break it down.

"Cis" refers to cisgender or cissexual, which basically means that you feel the gender assigned to you at birth accurately represents you.

As for "heteropatriarchy" -- it basically translates to a ruling class that is both straight ("hetero") and male ("patriarchal").

So, taken all together, Ford is referring to a male ruling class that defines itself as male -- IE, the gender assigned at birth -- and they're looking to "break free" from all of that.

To that, there's only one response: