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Chelsea Houska's Little Girl Is A Budding Painter: See Pics

Aubree was hard at work in the art studio!

Chelsea Houska's precious daughter Aubree has shown off her artistic side with some sweet street tagging in the past, and now it appears that the "Teen Mom 2" kiddo has taken up a brand-new hobby: painting. We have a modern-day Picasso and van Gogh on our hands!

Chelsea Houska's Instagram

The five-year-old's proud mama shared an Instagram photo of her darling mini-me hard at work in the studio, using her trusty brush to make an orange design. The softball star, stylish purple bow and all, is smartly donning a smock to avoid any accidents and looking extremely focused as she sticks out her tongue. Pretty soon, Chels will have a new, original piece to hang in her newly decorated abode.

Speaking of the South Dakota gal, what is she up to these days when she isn't busy supporting her daughter's many endeavors and working hard as an esthetician? Snapping selfies with her beau Cole DeBoer -- and Aubree's partner in crime. These two cutie pies!

Chelsea Houska's Twitter