'Eye Candy' Bombshell: The Flirtual Killer's Identity Is FINALLY Being Revealed

The explosive unveiling comes Monday -- and we've got a list of the top 6 suspects.

After plenty of plot twists and nail-biting action -- plus a cavalcade of corpses -- the moment we've all been waiting for is about to arrive: The identity of the Flirtual Killer will finally be revealed on Monday night's "Eye Candy."

So who is it? Damned if we know -- and that's exactly why we started examining the facts and compiling a list of the top suspects. Some are seemingly good-natured folks we seriously hope didn't commit the crimes, while others are already bona fide bad guys (we're looking at you, Hamish). But they all have one thing in common: any of them might just be -- GASP! -- the Flirtual Killer.

  • Suspect #1: Tommy

    Sure, the detective has often been Lindy's knight in shining armor, but remember: At the root of the mass murderer's anger is a broken heart, and Tommy's is certainly bruised. He'd clearly fallen for the pretty cyber sleuth but, during their adventures, has had to watch her be courted by a string of other men. Heck, she'd even fallen in love with his partner Ben -- and we all know what happened to him. So could Tommy be killing people because he wants Lindy for himself? Maybe. And let's not forget this moment (and possible hint) from episode 4: When that psychic looked into his eyes, she told him he was "keeping a secret" -- and that Lindy was "the one you've been looking for." Kinda creepy now, huh?

  • Suspect #2: Connor

    Sophia's BFF has always been a little shady: 'Member when he photographed official police evidence at the Cyber Crimes Unit? And when he used those snaps for a story about the killer? He's also more than familiar with Flirtual -- not only does he use the app to date, but he actually showed new user Lindy how it works. And yeah, we know he's gay, but he could still be obsessed with Lindy for reasons other than romance. "Crazy" knows no bounds!

  • Suspect #3: Hamish

    Connor's sleazy boss at Reconnoiter Media has all the resources to pull off the Flirtual Killer's elaborate murders -- a fat bank account, lots of computer savvy and ties to the underworld (HELLO, he teamed up with Bubonic). He's also seriously intrigued with Lindy, as proven when he rattled off her entire bio at the CCU (can you say "stalker"?). The guy is obviously evil -- frankly, killing a bunch of people in his downtime wouldn't be much of a stretch.

  • Suspect #4: Jake

    The handsome Aussie was once cause for concern -- remember when he showed off those knife skills? -- but after the CCU took him off its suspect list, Lindy let her guard down and accepted his affections. Still, it's that very devotion to our heroine that gives him the perfect motive: Jake may very well be eliminating all his competition for Lindy's love. Plus, consider this: Just about every guy Lindy dated on Flirtual has ended up sleeping with the fishes -- except him. Hmm…

  • Suspect #5: Sophia

    Who says the killer is a man? Sophia has been the perfect BFF all along, but she could be the one obsessed with Lindy. The (possible) proof: In the show's second episode, she reminisced how the two first connected. "I'm going to sound crazy, but I remember the night we met," Sophia had said. "I was looking across the club and I saw Lindy, and I had this weird feeling inside of me that I needed to know her." That's not all: After Lindy mentioned she was new in town, Sophia had insisted she come live with her. Umm, yeah, Soph...that does sound a little "crazy." And obsessive. And totally Flirtual Killer-like.

  • Suspect #6: George

    We've always stanned for Lindy's wise-cracking sidekick, but the facts remain: The killer is a computer genius, and the only person to match Lindy's tech skills -- and often surpass them -- has been George. Plus, who's to say he didn't develop a deadly crush on his friend? Still doubtful? Consider this: More often than not, it's the person you least suspect. Say it ain't so, George!

Tell us: Did we miss any possible suspects? And who do you think is the Flirtual Killer? Share your theories in the comments section, and get ready for what's sure to be the most mind-blowing "Eye Candy" yet on Monday at 10/9c!