Watch A Talking Handgun Explain Why He Doesn't Belong At College

Nope, even an actual handgun doesn't think guns on campus are a good idea.

On Tuesday (March 3), Larry Wilmore used his introductory "Nightly Show" monologue to address one of the weirder anti-rape ideas to be floated in recent weeks: Letting kids carry guns on college campuses, the better to ward off would-be attackers.

The verdict?

Well, leaving aside the statistics indicating that a gun wouldn't be terribly useful in fending off most would-be rapists (i.e. because it's usually someone the woman knows, and who she wouldn't be preparing to hang out with by packing heat in her purse), and the part where women already hear enough about how it's our responsibility to keep from getting raped (rather than the responsibility of guys to adopt and respect healthy models of consent), Wilmore briefly considered the maturity level of the average student before declaring that "clearly college kids and guns would be a terrible idea."

This sentiment is echoed in Wilmore's interview with a special guest -- a talking handgun with a face -- who calls the idea of allowing his fellow firearms onto college campuses "the worst f***ing idea I've ever heard."

To see the whole intro and chat with Mr. Gun (oops, sorry, he prefers the more informal "Hand"), check out the full video above.