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9 Cinderella-Inspired Proposals That Will Make You Want To Get Engaged Right Now

A dream is a wish your heart makes — and if that dream's a fairy tale proposal, you're in luck.

Cinderella is many things -- fashion icon, eternal optimist, animal whisperer, etc. -- but did you know Disney's most iconic princess is also an excellent matchmaker?

We haven't asked science or anything, but we'd bet Mrs. Prince Charming's happily ever after has inspired hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of aww-worthy proposals over the past six decades. Just imagine it: you're standing there, watching "Wishes" unfold before your very eyes, and your soulmate gets on one knee and pulls out the engagement ring of your dreams. That sounds magical AF, right? Well, we can all thank Cinderella for those extremely high expectations.

And now thanks to Disney's latest live-action retelling of "Cinderella," a whole new generation will be inspired to live happily ever after just like Cinderelly. Here are nine of the most magical Cinderella-inspired proposals:

  1. Have you ever seen anything so fantastical?
  2. If The Dapper Dans are on your side, she has to say "yes!"
  3. A proposal at Cinderella's Royal Table? Adorable.
  4. When you wish upon a star, you might just get the proposal of your dreams.
  5. Dreams DO come true.
  6. And now we're crying again.
  7. A wise woman once said, "A dream is a wish your heart makes."
  8. Well, that was elaborate.