What Is Bella Thorne Doing With 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Marlene King?

It's time to speculate.

Guys, Bella Thorne and Marlene King are hanging out without us, and it is not acceptable.

The former Disney starlet posted a Snapchat of her and the "Pretty Little Liars" boss in Los Angeles. "Hmm I wonder why I'm hanging out with Marlene King," read the mysterious snap. Hold. Up. Does this mean Thorne might have a role in the upcoming season of "Pretty Little Liars?" More importantly, could Bella Thorne be "A?!"

Marlene King Snapchat

Okay, so maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. ABC Family tells MTV News that the Powers That Be -- EPs King, Joseph Dougherty, and Oliver Goldstick -- are still in the early stages of planning season six, so there's no casting news to report. But we don't necessarily think Thorne, 17, and King were chatting about the possibility of coming to Rosewood. Instead, we think Thorne might by vying for a role in "The Perfectionists," King's new ABC Family series.

MarMar has been in the process of adapting the Sara Shepard book series for TV, and we think Thorne would make an excellent leading lady in the dark, teen series. "The Perfectionists" follows five teenage girls as they jokingly plot the murder of handsome womanizer Nolan Hotchkiss. However, things take a deadly turn when Nolan is actually murdered exactly as they intended. If the girls don’t find the true killer, they're the ones who will go down for the murder. It's kind of like "Pretty Little Liars" meets "Mean Girls," so in other words, it's perfect.

Of course, if "The Perfectionists" wasn't the topic of conversation at Thorne and King's top-secret meeting, then it might have been "The Merciless". (Seriously, does Marlene King ever take a break?) We know King spent her "PLL" hiatus penning the "sick and twisted" script for the film adaptation of Danielle Vega’s YA horror novel.

"The Merciless" follows Sofia, the new girl in town who (un)luckily falls in with a popular -- and devoutly religious -- group of girls during her first week of school. But as she becomes part of their group, she also, unwittingly, becomes part of their seriously effed up plan to kidnap their quirky classmate Brooklyn Stevens and exorcise the demon they "know" is living inside of her.

TBH, Thorne would be great in the role of Riley, the manipulative leader of the group of aspiring exorcists. We've seen her play the Queen Bee before in "The Duff," so this seems right in her wheelhouse.

Interestingly enough, this is the second mysterious "brainstorming" sesh King has had recently. She and "Vampire Diaries" actor Paul Wesley had a "Sunday funday brainstorming" chat last week with producer Bob Levy. We speculated then that Wesley might be venturing behind the camera with King, and our theory still stands.