50 Cent And G-Unit Summon The Beast On Their New EP

The Unit is going strong.

50 Cent and G-Unit officially launched their reunion with a performance at Hot 97's 2014 Summer Jam concert, and the whirlwind comeback continues on Tuesday, (Mar. 3), with the release of their new six-track EP The Beast is G-Unit.

This project follows The Beauty of Independence, which debuted in August, and although it was originally billed as part two, 50 Cent and G-Unit tell MTV News that it's not intended to pick up where the last EP left off.

"It's a stand-alone project but they were both recorded in a very short time period -- in about a week or two and we did 30-something songs," 50 Cent told MTV News. "It doesn't take long for us to record because everyone is such a seasoned artist nowadays."

Even newcomer Kidd Kidd found a way to easily fit in. "The chemistry is so crazy, so it doesn't take long to record because we all bring something different to the table and we all just work good together," he added.

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50 explained that Kidd Kidd was often done with his verses first, and would anxiously be waiting for everyone else to finish. And although it's a group EP, certain tracks are led by individual artists -- example "Bring My Bottles" is billed as Young Buck featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo -- and that's because they collectively decided to let the best man win.

"You'll hear [that] there's a few songs I didn't participate on musically, with the rapping portion, but I worked on the chorus area and then just fell back, because I heard things from them that they mastered better," 50 Cent admitted.

"It's no different than Wu-Tang's first album," he continued, referencing "Method Man," which was a standout track for Meth, despite it being a group project. "It's the whole group but when there's a song that organically comes out and it feels like that artist should continue down the path they're gong on, we'll let them just continue to write it."

Though the Unit are in complete lockstep, there is a healthy competition within the group.

"Honestly, I think it's like a silent inside competition," Young Buck said of their studio sessions. "Everybody wants to have the best verse, or just be able to feel good about what they've done. There's so much competition amongst each other, so we're our own competition, we're our own motivation.

"I've always considered Lloyd Banks to be my favorite artist," he admitted.

Well, there will be plenty of competition coming up.

Following The Beast is G-Unit, 50 Cent will release his solo album Street King Immortal album (complete with an Eminem feature), and then more mixtapes will follow, including Lloyd Banks' The Cold Corner 3.

After all of that -- the official G-Unit album will be coming.

Stay tuned.