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You Can Finally Listen To Lupe Fiasco's 'Stellar Light' In Full

This time, we get to hear all of it.

Lupe Fiasco gave us a taste of "Stellar Light" last year and now, the Chicago MC has finally unleashed the full version of the track. As usual, Fiasco delivers the intricate rhymes we expected from him.

"I felt like I was Superman with his cape trapped," Lupe rhymes on the Ishi-produced track. "Then Lu perform in no uniform in my human form / And still super to 'em, so you safe at / Mi casa es su casa, throw a ball where your base at.

"In the worst case, they at first base, 'cause I threw a ball where they face at," Fiasco continues. "And they don't want seconds / I was so sick, that I threw up all where their plate's at / If the money small, then we money ball, and put us all in first place."

While the rhyme's theme here centers around baseball, a portion of the track was actually released in June 2014 as a rallying song for the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team.

Thankfully, we now have the full version.

Lupe has been having a productive year so far thanks to his latest album. In January, he kicked 2015 off by releasing Tetsuo & Youth, a critically acclaimed project that included the powerful message in "Deliver."

The album was even highly celebrated by Fiasco himself, who called it his "least flawed" album yet.

Looks like Lupe's just getting started with 2015.