Host Amy Schumer Wants To Be Friends With (MTV Movie Awards) Benefits With Anthony Mackie

Oh, the thirst of it all!

There are plenty of perks to friendship: you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You've seen the cross-stitched adages.

But what about when that friend in need is actually in need MTV Movie Awards nomination?

Then, of course, it helps to know host Amy Schumer. There's just that itsy bitsy matter of DTR: defining the relationship. In the latest promo for the MTV Movie Awards, Amy is thirsty for Anthony Mackie, while Mackie is thirsty for that golden popcorn. (Aren't we all?)

Check out the promo below, and don't forget: winning is everything. (In which case, we award this Most Uncomfortable Miscommunication Of Intentions. Ever.)

Post by MTV.