These Are Farrah Abraham's 5 Most Unforgettable Moments On MTV

From struggling with her mom Debra to visiting Derek's grave, her path was truly memorable.

These days, Farrah is living "without regret" and doing everything to support herself and her precious girl Sophia -- all while juggling motherhood and keeping up with multiple business ventures. Before "Teen Mom" — featuring all the original cast members — makes its highly anticipated return on March 23, we're selecting key moments from each season of Farrah's long and winding MTV road, beginning with "16 and Pregnant" and ending with the fourth season of "TM":

  1. Debra's slap from "16 and Pregnant"

    The day started off innocently enough -- the pair was going to look at cars -- but their ride to the dealership turned ugly after Farrah called her mother "dumb" and Debra screamed that she'd "had enough" of her child's "belligerent, anti-Christ attitude." D then proceeded to slug F in the arm, making the heated incident the first of many televised altercations between the mother-daughter duo.

  2. Mending fences from "Teen Mom: Season 1"

    After a series of documented ups and downs, Farrah spoke with her parents about her future goals and what she'd like to see for herself as well as her mini-me. In return, Debra and Michael told their girl how proud they were of how far she'd come since becoming a mom.

  3. Confession about Sophia's father from "Teen Mom: Season 2"

    Farrah sought out therapy due to mounting family stress and her tumultuous relationship with Debra. During her preliminary session, she tearfully opened up about a painful loss: The father of her toddler had died in a car accident before his daughter's birth. It was the first time Farrah revealed the truth about Derek's tragic fate, and it was especially difficult for her to admit that Sophia would never "see her dad."

  4. Mommy makeover from "Teen Mom: Season 3"

    Farrah made the decision to get a breast augmentation after "shrinking down to nothing" following her pregnancy. After securing a loan to pay for the procedure, the young mother proudly declared on her paperwork that she was "here for boobs."

  5. Visiting Derek from "Teen Mom: Season 4"

    Before leaving Iowa for a fresh start in Florida, Farrah made an emotional trip with Sophia to Derek's grave. "I'm trying not to cry anymore about things, because I do not want to be an unhappy person anymore," she painfully stated as she sat on the grass in the cemetery.

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