Mumford & Sons Are Back -- But They're Ditching The Banjos

Wilder Mind drops in May.

It's 2012 all over again -- and we're OK with it. First, Carly Rae Jepsen put out her comeback single, "I Really Like You" -- following '12's Kiss -- and now Mumford & Sons are heralding the upcoming release of Wilder Mind, their first record in three years.

Oh, and get this -- the album probably won't feature banjos. Jump back!

"Towards the end of the Babel tour, we'd always play new songs during soundchecks, and none of them featured the banjo, or a kick-drum," Marcus Mumford said in a release. "And demoing with Aaron [Dessner of The National] meant that, when we took a break, we knew it wasn't going to involve acoustic instruments. We didn't say: 'No acoustic instruments.' But I think all of us had this desire to shake it up. The songwriting hasn't changed drastically; it was led more by a desire to not do the same thing again. Plus, we fell back in love with drums. It's as simple as that."

Drum, electric guitars, synths -- we guess it's not full-on 2012, after all, as it seems the band's sound has evolved since they went on hiatus in September of 2013. The guys worked with producer James Ford (who has worked with HAIM) this time around, and, as Mumford said, they wrote and demoed at Dessner's studio in Brooklyn. We can expect all that Mumford-y goodness out on May 4.

Check out the full tracklist -- which appears to be replete with New York references -- below:

1. "Tompkins Square Park"

2. "Believe"

3. "The Wolf"

4. "Wilder Mind"

5. "Just Smoke"

6. "Monster"

7. "Snake Eyes"

8. "Broad-Shouldered Beasts"

9. "Cold Arms"

10. "Ditmas"

11. "Only Love"

12. "Hot Gates"