This Fashionable Guy Got A Tattoo Of 'The Dress!' Yes, THAT Dress!

Instagram is going insane over the photo.

Is this the quickest turn around on a meme ever?

Just days after "The Dress" broke the internet, 24-year-old Daniel Howland decided to keep the conversation going ... permanently. Howland, a piercer who regularly posts photographs of his numerous tattoos on his Instagram, shared his latest design of "The Dress" on his leg.

After initially seeing the dress as white and gold, Daniel now says he only sees a black and blue dress. Still, that didn't stop him from memorializing the dress seen round the world.

"It was one internet thing that I really couldn't wrap my brain around," he told the Daily Mail. It was very frustrating. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to get the dress tattooed on my leg."

The tattoo was designed by 19-year-old tattoo artist Nick York who works with Daniel in the same shop and is firmly Team White and Gold, at least according to his Instagram.

Only a day after it was initially posted, "The Tattoo" is getting attention (though not nearly as much) as "The Dress."

"Either people really love it, or they think I'm a complete tool," Daniel said. "Some of my friends also think I'm stupid for doing it. But my parents think it's really funny. I didn't see a reason not to have it done."

And he's sticking by his choice in the face of criticism. In terms of tattoos, as he later pointed out, it's not the absolute worst in the world.