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Meet Velous, He Made The Original Beat That Eventually Became Kanye West's 'All Day'

Perfect placement.

Fans have been waiting almost a year for Kanye West to bless us with "All Day," the new track that he debuted at the 2015 BRIT Awards on Wednesday. The song's co-producer Velous has been waiting even longer than that.

"That joint was crazy bro, like that performance. Yo, I had to watch it like 16 times to relive that moment," the Kingston, New York, producer and singer told MTV News on Friday (Feb.27), about watching 'Ye perform the track he helped create.

In fact, Velous is so excited by 'Ye's final product that he's already eyeing a 2016 Grammy win for the song. "He went hard on there. I know there's a lot of politics in the game, but you already know that's supposed to be Rap Performance of the Year already," he campaigned.

Even though Velous laid the foundation for "All Day" he didn't hear the finished version until the rest of us did earlier this week -- he hasn't met 'Ye yet either, though we're sure that day is coming soon.

"I know I started putting the track together last summer. I made that beat on my boy's couch while I was watching 'Saturday Night Live,'" Velous told us. "I worked on that and I had the main part of it, I already had the skeleton of it [and] it was for my big bro French Montana."

French signed Velous to his Coke Boys imprint and did a joint deal with Swanky Music Group last year, and though the fast-rising producer envisioned Montana for the beat, West had other plans for the track. "I guess Kanye was rocking with it, so he gave it to Kanye and they added some more. Kanye went in, French added some stuff to it and I co-produced it with my big bro."

A source close to Kanye's new project told MTV News that French brought Yeezy over 80 beats to listen to last year and the 1 track that Yeezy picked was crafted by Velous. The original track remained the basis for "All Day," but over the course of 11 months Kanye produced the song and added on to Velous' original to create what we all heard on Wednesday.

Right after Yeezy performed the song at the BRIT Awards, French Montana captioned an Instagram pic and revealed that he also produced on the track, though we'll see how the credits read when it is officially released. While fans aren't used to French as a producer, Velous says the Coke Boy captain definitely added to the music.

"There's a lot of different things that go into production. He doesn't make beats but he does add things, he has ideas. He always has ideas for all his tracks," he explained. "There's stuff that I didn't put in the beat that they added to it, so that's where the co-production comes in. But he was definitely involved."

Like Kanye, Velous is also an artist. His latest track, "Money Down" features Chinx and French Montana's brother Zack.

He's also featured on DJ Spinking's "Proud Side N---a."