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A$AP Ferg Enlists Justin Bieber, Kanye West, HAIM And More To Destroy Cara Delevingne In 'Dope Walk' Video

Back in December, A$AP Ferg and Cara Delevingne showed everyone the best possible use for social media: a walk off. Across Twitter and Instagram, the rapper and super model strutted their stuff à la Zoolander, in one of the most captivating intersections of music and fashion since Ferg's Mob mate Rocky took down Hood By Air and Been Trill in "Multiply." The only thing missing? A fashion week backdrop.

Now, a few months later, Ferg has rectified that with a new entry, the video for his song "Dope Walk" which first started his rapport with Cara. Shot on Ferg's iPhone and meant to look like an extended FaceTime call with Cara, the video features pretty much every fashion-y celebrity you can think of. There are cameos from Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Alexander Wang, Kris Jenner, Puff Daddy, A$AP Rocky, HAIM, and probably a billion other people I haven't spotted yet. Plus Jeremy Scott, who Ferg interviewed for us backstage at his show, turns up to referee the event, which is pretty fair considering he has ties to both parties—and he's seen Cara's moves in action on his own runway.

No spoiler alerts here, so you'll have to watch to see who's ahead now. A heads up, though: You might feel sorry for Cara, because it's going to be reeeeeeal hard to top this one. There's always Paris Fashion Week, though! And since Cara is gearing up for her own career in music, it might not be long before she fires back with her own song and video.