19 Things We Still Absolutely Have To Know About 'Parks And Recreation'

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

"Parks and Recreation" aired its series finale last night, and while we're still not quite done reeling with happiness at how perfect it was (obvs), we have a few questions. There's going to be a producer's cut of the "One Last Ride" available soon, but we doubt all of our questions will get wrapped up.

Here's what we need to know.

  1. What happened to Shauna Malwae-Tweep?

    She popped up in the finale, but what became of her? Did she ever make it to the wide world of broadcast news with a "Shauna's Malwae Tweets" social media segment? Gotta know.

  2. Did Champion ever find love?

    April and Andy's three-legged dog-child was still around in the future when the duo decided to have a child-child, but is he lonely? We worry about him.

  3. How did they take Pawnee back from the raccoons?

    ...Or did they ever?

  4. What happened to Joan Calamezzo?

    Our best theory: those Secret Service agents at the funeral were there to protect her, she was just out of frame.

  5. How was Dr. Saperstein still allowed to practice medicine?

    And why did Andy and April choose him as their obstetrician? Maybe he's Pawnee's only obstetrician? Maybe he's immortal? Maybe it's just part of April's vague morbid streak?

  6. What was Andy up to other than dadding?

    Please say Johnny Karate rose again. If not, at least let Andy's fate involve rollerblades.

  7. Did Mona Lisa make a living out of "money please"?

    We know her brand of pregnancy test (Womb, There It Is), but we don't know what became of her. Our guess: "money please" worked elsewhere.

  8. Did the accountants ever forgive Ben?

    Un-break their hearts.

  9. Did Ben ever find success with the calzone revolution?

    He pitched it for Tom's Bistro, but did Ben's passion for savory pies ever hit the big time?

  10. What eventually actually killed Jean-Ralphio?

    When he was done Tom Sawyering Pawnee in an attempt to open a casino on the DL, what eventually ended the bulletproof Jean-Ralphio? Our bet is on PILLS, BABY.

  11. Who is Lil Sebastian's heir?

    We said bye-bye to Lil Sebastian so long ago -- did another mini-horse ever gallop into Pawnee's heart?

  12. Is Typhoon's grey streak natural?

    Typhoon values his hair too much to go fully grey, so does that mean he intentionally left the one streak there? Did he never go grey, but want to give the illusion of aging? We may never know.

  13. What did April and Donna do on their two-week ladycation to Venezuela?

    "Oh yeah, that happened," April responds when Donna brings up the trip. "Yeah, it did." DID IT? What happened?

  14. What makeup did April put on for her second child's birth?

    Zombie for lil baby Jack, ??? for lil baby ???.

  15. What became of Tammy 2?

    Probably lurking in the stacks somewhere.

  16. How did that charades game between Leslie and Joe Biden turn out?

    You know what they say about Leslie Knope: good friend, fierce charades competitor.

  17. Where is Mark Brandanawicz?

    That old sausage-eating so-and-so.

  18. Did Leslie's kid and Ann's kid fall in love?

    Hahahaha jk not a question. Of course they did.

  19. Was Snakejuice ever officially classified as poison?

    Because, like. Come on.

Bye, bye, "Parks and Recreation." We'll miss you in the saddest fashion.

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