The True Story Behind The Guy Whose Girlfriend Attacked Him With A Lightsaber

She's in jail, and he tells MTV News that it's "an absolute fu--ing honor to be the first victim of a genuine lightsaber attack."

Police in Butler Township, Pennsylvania arrested 26-year-old Jeana M. Voza on Monday night (Feb. 23) for allegedly cutting her boyfriend, Land Douglas Hicks, in the arm with a butcher knife during a domestic dispute ... and for going after him with a Lucasfilm-endorsed toy lightsaber.

Voza, whom police say had already punched Hicks in the face during a prior incident, is currently in jail on charges of stalking, harassment and resisting arrest, with bail set at $10,000. Police tell us that she refused to cooperate when they took her into custody around 10 p.m.

"She said nothing happened, ‘We just got in a verbal argument, I want to go to sleep, I don’t care if he stays,'" says Patrolman Gerald Palermo, but officers noticed what appeared to be knife wounds on Hicks. "Due to Pennsylvania law, if we see an injury, we have to make an arrest."

As for Hicks, he says that he's "loading my truck to get the fu-- out of here." We called him up to ask what led to this alleged attack.

"I was leaving," Hicks said. "She's like, 'You're not going anywhere.' She came after me with a kitchen knife first."

Hicks says that he hid in a bedroom, and when he tried to escape, "she came into the room with the fu--in' lightsaber." As for the model, "It was the Darth Maul one, the one that hooks together in the middle and you can swing it, like, Donatello-style."


Police confirm details of Hicks' story. “[He told us] there was a verbal altercation that started going on inside the residence," Palermo says. "At that point Hicks said, ‘I’m going to leave.’ She obviously got very irate and upset about that and pulled a knife. Hicks retreated to a bedroom and barricaded himself in there. She still had the knife and picked up a lightsaber, a red one."

Hicks explains that he "grew up on 'Star Wars'" and bought the lightsaber for his daughter; it was the "last one" at Toys 'R' Us. "They tried to make that toy happen for 30 years and they kept messing it up," Hicks says, but now "you can hit each other with them and they actually light up." The first time he saw it, "I was like, 'YES.'"

Hicks says his injuries aren't serious and that he never hit Voza back ("fu-- no, you don't get points for that"). Police confirm that Voza "had no recent physical injury and didn’t say she was harmed in any way," though "said her shoulder and foot were hurt" after being arrested.

"She was found to be the aggressor in this whole situation -- he had the marks on him, she didn’t," says Palermo. "In the past, we showed up at her home and she was the aggressor, where she had punched [Hicks] in the face."

All things considered, Hicks seems to have a sense of humor that he wasn't taken out like Obi-Wan Kenobi: "I think that's an absolute fu--ing honor to be the first victim of a genuine lightsaber attack. I'm serious, man. And [to have] survived."

We asked police whether the toy lightsaber is being held as evidence in the case.

“Actually the lightsaber is in evidence now," Palermo says. "Along with the knife, they’re both being held in police headquarters in our evidence locker.”