You're Not Alone: Miles Teller Also Watched The 'Fantastic Four' Trailer In A State Of Rabid Excitement

A trailer so fantastic, even the guy in the movie is stoked about it.

Remember how, back in January, the first "Fantastic Four" trailer came out, and we all needed a fresh pair of underpants in the aftermath because the movie looks so freakin' great?

Well, solidarity: Miles Teller was in the market for fresh underpants right along with you. And he's in the movie!

So basically, no shame if you nearly (or actually) soiled yourself over that awesome rear shot of The Thing undergoing his rocky transformation.

"The trailer took me by surprise," Teller told MTV News at the Oscars Sunday night (February 22). "As an actor, you don't really know what kind of movie it is until you see them cut it together. That was the first time we saw any footage, and I was excited."

As for whether he's seen anything since, or whether he and his fellow fantastic heroes will be shooting any more for the film, the actor was a bit more cagey, saying only that he wouldn't consider the movie "done" until it was premiering in theaters.