Watch This Comedian Beg To Get Killed In The Next Bourne Movie

Dave Ebert from "Guy Code" has one wish ... and only Matt Damon can grant it.

Do most of us daydream about starring in action films -- leaping from CGI fireballs, saving the world and getting paid millions per picture? Sure. Do most of us create entire social media campaigns to convince A-list directors to give us a swift, brutal onscreen death? Not really.

But most of us aren't Dave Ebert from MTV2's "Guy Code." With that last name, it makes sense that he'd be drawn to cinema. And now he's begging Paul Greengrass to let him appear (and specifically, die) in the 2016 film marking Matt Damon's return to the role of Jason Bourne.

In addition to the above YouTube video, Dave has created a Twitter account (@bournekillebert) and is putting out feelers on his personal site: "If you know someone who's working on the new Bourne film's production, please take a moment and consider sharing this video with them. To book David in the next Bourne film, please contact his manager..." (Dude, isn't that your manager's job?)

Anyway, we wish Dave luck with getting the part -- but in the meantime, you can catch him alive and well on the small screen every Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV2.