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7 Times Celebrities Couldn't Keep Their Hands To Themselves This Awards Season

More like Golden Gropes, amirite?

Last awards season, walking meme Jennifer Lawrence jokingly told the E! Mani Cam (RIP) that Emma Stone's "ass" was hers. As it turns out, Stone's butt actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston, who grabbed a handful of the Oscar nominee's derriere on the Oscars red carpet Sunday night (February 22).

But Aniston and Stone's encounter wasn't an anomaly this red carpet season. In fact, they were totally on trend. This awards season served up a lot of groping -- more so than usual -- so as we look ahead to next year's Oscars race (ugh), let's take a look back at the most touchy-feely award show moments of 2015.

  1. When Jennifer Aniston grabbed Kate Hudson's butt on the Golden Globes red carpet.

    Aniston is a hands-on type of woman.

  2. When Kanye West couldn't keep his hands off Kim Kardashian's butt at the Grammys.
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    To be fair, could you?

  3. When Miley Cyrus grabbed Katy Perry's boob.
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    And Katy returned the favor.

  4. When Jennifer Aniston got a handful of Emma Stone's butt at the Oscars.

    How's that for a red carpet greeting?

  5. When John Travolta tried to kiss Scarlett Johannson on the cheek on the Oscars red carpet.
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    Yeah, she wasn't feeling it.

  6. When John Travolta then grabbed Idina Menzel's face during the Oscars.
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    Things definitely got awkward between Adele Dazeem and Glom Gazingo on that stage.

  7. When Julianne Moore scooped up Emma Stone at the Oscars after-party.
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    She has an Oscar now; she can do whatever she wants.