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Lorelei Linklater Doesn't Know What She's Wearing To Her First Oscars


Have you ever wondered what emotional state you'd be in if you were about to attend your first Oscars? Like, would you be totally nervous, incredibly excited, or just, like, ready to be there and take it all in? Well, lucky for us, we were able to get some answers from "Boyhood"'s Lorelei Linklater, who is days away from attending her first Academy Awards.

Lorelei confirmed that excitement levels are high, saying she's "excited to just be there." While she's given some thought to what she'll do if "Boyhood" wins—"get up on stage, hopefully"—she'll be letting others do the talking/award accepting. The strong, silent type—a woman after our own hearts.

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At the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, Lorelei had some very enviable pink and blue hair, but for the Oscars, she says she's dyed her hair "dark, like almost black." As for wardrobe, Lorelei was on her way to meet with her stylist when we spoke—she didn't know what, exactly, she was going to wear on Sunday but was expecting to see sketches. Deciding on an outfit with limited time left? Another move we totally, 100% feel.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to see what she picks—Lorelei will be giving us sneak peeks of her wardrobe and prep on Sunday on MTV's Twitter and Instagram, so keep your eyes peeled!